Wife Surprises Husband With Clue in Fridge

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These are one of the greatest Moments in life for most people. This is what life is about for many of us. Passing on our genes in our offspring is an exciting thought. Once it finally happens it needs to be told. It is hard to not just blurt it out into the world, yet alone to have to wait until your better half catches on what you are trying to tell him. It is hard sometimes to pick up on clues when you don’t expect something.

Watch this funny reaction when a wife surprises husband with clue in fridge. Would you have miss this clue? This is really cute and funny. I do think many guys would take a while, unless they expect it. Things are not always standing out, even when it is something like this clue in this video.

When you see what the clue is you wonder how in the world could this be missed. It is not something you typically find in the fridge unless you already have something else in your home. This husband was pretty stunned when he found out what he missed.

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