What Happens to Old Airplanes

Airplane Recycling
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Ever wondered what happens to old airplanes such as Military Planes and outdated Passenger Planes? I’ve been wondering too and wanted to find out where they go after they are no longer needed.

Some old planes actually make it to a Flight Museum or other venue, but most of these old Planes need to be disposed somehow. We were amazed to find out that these old planes are not just junked and left to rot at some airplane cemetery, but they are actually resurrected into items we use everyday.

Apparently some of these planes are a goldmine for materials and components to be used in new products. Miles of wiring and numerous electrical components are just a few of the items found on an airplane that can be reused and recycled.

After a plane is gutted massive construction equipment goes to work to dismantle the giant planes. It takes just about 40 minutes to destroy a masterpiece of a plane.

The Hammerhead Mill is the final destination, or shall we say the Birthplace of something new. Metal pieces are shredded, filtered, sorted and recycled. The metal is then used to produce new products such as phones, computers, Tv’s and many other products.

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