Dogs and Swim Therapy

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He looks so cute. He is so adorable. He is so tiny. His name is Ace and he is a Papillon (Butterfly) in French.


Ahhhh, you think. The perfect little puppy. Not so fast.

I like you to meet Ace. He is a great little guy but and has a big heart. He does not know his size. In his mind he is a huge, fierce an scary defender of his castle. Well, maybe just a little erratic and nutty. For one, nothing escapes these big ears. When our 2 big dogs are snoozing and dreaming of hot dogs, he is on guard and flips out at about everything that crawls and buzzes. You will never forget that piercing sound when he goes off uncontrollably. That sound alone should make any burglar run for his life. God knows I want to. He becomes unglued every time one of us comes up the driveway. You would think by now, after 8 years, he knows us and our cars, but no, he still flies of the handle every time we arrive home. He is literally in a dizzy until we open the door.

Is Swimming the Solution?

So what to do when you have such a paranoid and schizophrenic little guy who thinks the world is out to get him? I found the solution. Exercise. Exercise and Exercise. You gotta get his mind of the evil that’s out to get him, and what better way than getting him tired. So we took him swimming the other day and low and behold he was to tired to bark the rest of the day. Problem solved and sanity returned to the household until the next time he becomes unhinged.