Obama Lookalike with Golden Voice

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From Jail cell bars to desk and a microphone. Ted Williams, father of 9 and homeless, get’s discovered on the streets. His talent? He is a Obama Lookalike with Golden Voice. Not watching the man in the video and only listening to his voice, you would think he is a celebrity voice all along.

Down on his luck and living on the streets, he get’s a huge break. Thanks to his incredible voice is landing a job, a number of interviews, but the most amazing thing of all, he stays humble. He truly appreciates the opportunity he’s given and watch the emotional exchange when he is asked about his mother.

Inspiring Story for sure and a lesson. Everyone has a god given talent. You have to find it and nurture it and who knows where it can take you.

Oh, and if his voice doesn’t work out he could be Obama’s Double.

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