Lucky Puppy Playing with Ball

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Let me introduce you to our 4th puppy and latest addition to the family. Her name is Lucky. She truly is lucky. Born on my families farm to a super sweet Husky Mama, Lucky and the only other survivor, another little female, were found by the foreman and moved close to the home. No clue who the daddy is 🙂

When they were 9 weeks old, my sister in law talked me into adopting and taking one of them home. Can’t have too many dogs at the farm. So I agreed. Like I needed more. But I thought I have the space so why not. And I am glad I did. Unfortunately her sister did not survive for long. Farm life is a lot of fun for a dog, but you run into dangers as well.

So here we are and we named her Lucky. High energy, non stop play and a huge personality. She bonded right away with Duchess the Rottweiler, Sadie – a Golden-Shepherd-Boxer-etc Mix and Rescue, and Ace the Papillon. They were pretty excited to have another buddy to play with.

Here she is doing what she does best! Watch Lucky Puppy Playing with Ball.