Little Girl Holds Moms Hand for Last Time

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This is a heartbreaking yet inspiring story. Rhema Marvanne who lives near Carrollton Texas has an amazing story. This petite little girl has a huge voice. Rhema started singing at the same time she started talking. She recorded several albums and loves gospel music. She says that her mom is her big inspiration for her music. Amazing Grace is her song to her mother because Rhema says that her mom was amazing and had grace in her heart.

Sadly in 2008, Rhema, lost her mom Wendy to ovarian cancer. Rather than shielding her from the devastating effects of this disease, her father let her be part of every step. Rhema spend a lot of time with her mother, through every stage of this tragic disease up to her death. This little girl holds moms hand for last time and explains what happened.

Rhema never complained or lost faith. Quite the opposite. Her faith grew even stronger as her mother’s illness progressed God strength must have carried her through and beyond this tough journey. Amazing Grace is her song to her mother because Rhema says that her mom was amazing and had grace in her heart.

Her father Teton describes her:”The best way to describe Rhema is that she has a beautiful heart and soul. She is sweet, kind, caring and most importantly pure in heart.”

Rhema got asked what her greatest dreams are and it is her greatest hope to make her mother proud, both as a singer and as a servant of God, which is why she also performs at churches, non-profit organizations, charities, hospitals and special events.

What a special little girl with a heart bigger than big and a vision for the future driven by her faith and mothers spirit. This story proves, faith and a good heart can carry you through anything and show you the way.

I almost did not make it through writing about his little Girl and her story without tears coming down my cheek. It is so touching. This also proves that the bond between a Mother (or Father) and her (his) child)ren can never be broken and lives on beyond this live we have here on earth.