Grandma Dancing to Rack City

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I like this funny Grandma and Grandson team. This is a super cool Grandma. She gets right down to it with her Grandson. The Grandson in lip synching and Granny is dancing in the background. I am not a fan of the lyrics, but they look like such a fun team, i had to include them in LaughsOutLoud.

Check out Grandma in the background. Don’t you wish your Grandma was this cool? She’s got the rap moves down. Towards the end she really cracked me up. You go Grandma. Show the younger Generation that life can be fun at any age.

Watch Grandma Dancing to Rack City and learn some of her moves. I think it is so funny because we don’t think of our Grandmas dancing to rap songs, yet alone one with these lyrics. Well, she’s proving me wrong 🙂