Girls Don’t Poop – They Poopourii

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Despite this one being out for a long time, this is one of the most ingenious and funny commercial ever produced. Would you ever think of proper English Manners and Pooping in the same context. Well, these guys did in Girls don’t Poop – They Poopourii. And it took off. What a brilliant idea.

The truth is most of us are grossed out by our own yet alone by someone’s elses bathroom smells. They came up with a spray product you can use to mask the embarrassing smell you may leave behind after using the potty. I so know someone in my home who could use this. This Poo-Pourii Spray apparently leaves your bathroom smelling better than you found it.

Have you ever been in a public restroom, horrified at your own smell and almost afraid to come out and face other people, who clearly can smell it too? What do you do? Do you pretend it wasn’t you, or it was someone next to you? What if there was nobody next to you? What if you are on a date and feel the urge at your new future wife’s or husband’s home? Do you try the courtesy flush? Well, that doesn’t really work now, does it? Would you want that as a first impression of you?

Worry no more! All your stinky problems can be solved with this little spray bottle you can carry everywhere. Just spray, poop and move on 🙂

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