Funny Puppies Doing The Puppy Thing

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Puppies are the other number one thing people like to watch. What’s the other one you ask? Well, Babies I am sure. Puppies and Babies are cute, innocent and when they learn to function in the world, we often get a good laugh out of it.

We found some funny puppies doing the puppy thing. Can’t always understand what it is, but we don’t care here. As long as it puts a smile on your face, since we are the funny side of the web here.

Sit back, relax and enjoy these clips!

This cute pup is pretty hungry but the owner is not making it easy.

Would you like one of these mud loving Boxers?

Can’t catch the never ending water stream!

Can you tell if he’s sleeping?

Learning How to Fetch

Puppy Jumping on Bed

Scootn Pooch

Aweswom Balancing Act