Funny Drug Reaction to Fix Broken Arm

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Beware of the Hospital Drugs! This boy has a funny drug reaction to fix broken arm. Whatever drug cocktail they give you when hurt to make you loopy, it sure beats realizing you are hurt and feeling the pain. One problem though, these drugs will make you do and say things you would otherwise not.

These moments are mostly appreciated by family members or friends. Special occasions are a perfect opportunity to gain some notoriety by taping you and putting it on the world wide web for everyone to see. You could become famous, although not the way you probably want to.

Watch this big brother totally out of it. He broke his arm and it had to be re-broken and put back into place. This must have been one awesome happy drug he got administered. And little brother is there for moral support, oh, and to tape. Wonder if he got his big brother’s consent before doing this. Thanks to some quick thinking people with cams funny opportunities are never wasted.

Just imagine a world of happy people like this one.

Watch out! This could happen to you too 🙂