Funny Cats Having It Their Way – Or Not

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Cats are described as inquisitive, friendly, playful, active, loving and independent. Some of these personality traits are desired some are not. The independence is what differentiates them from dogs.

Always remember who is boss. They only like it when they decide so, not you. Your kitten resorts to not so nice reminders if you don’t quit when they tell you to quit.

They want your love and attention. When they want it.

Well here are some funny cats having it their way – or not. Well, some are subject to payback by owners 🙂

Just a little short of hitting the goal.

Plants are a Cats biggest Enemy!

Mamma loves her Baby

Gotta check out the new Baby.

How do you make a cat walk?

A little Clumsy at First!

And then there is the Failed Attempt at Moon Walking.

And then there is the infamous backrub.

And then there is payback!

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