Funniest Teacher April Fools Prank

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This Teacher is in for big Surprise. The Class decided to use his own rules against him. For all you teachers out there, be careful what rules you implement 🙂

This teacher came up with a genius way to dissuade his students from leaving the phone on while in class. He thought he found the answer to his most annoying distraction while trying to teach his subject. We all know how important those cell phones are to teens, and who would wanna miss an important call while in Class?

Turning a cell phone of is definitely out of the question and turning to silent is not reasonable to ask for when in class. So this teacher came up with a rule. Answer your phone call while on Speaker Phone so everyone can hear this important call.

Well, kids do what kids do. They will find a way to comply but not the way you think. Watch this funniest Teacher April Fools Prank 🙂

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