Funniest Grandma Trying to Rap

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You won’t think of you Grandma ever the same way again. This Grandma can rap. She is so cute and a trooper for rapping in front of the cam. What a sport. Lil Wayne is not everyones taste, and you would never think a grandma would take to the song. But this one did.

This is the funniest Grandma trying to wrap that I’ve ever seen. She is so cool and so funny. You gotta love her for doing this video. Older people are much more fun than we often give them credit for. My Oma was very funny too.

She sounds like an Indian around a campfire at times, and that just makes it that much cuter.

Seeing this, I wish I had some video of her in her hay days. Enjoy this Funniest Grandma trying to Rap. Would your Granny do this? Can you imagine your Grandma rapping away?