Feeling Pretty Naked after Haircut

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Well, it’s that time of the year again. Temps are getting hot, humid and creeping closer to 100 Degree soon. Two of our pup’s grow this incredible thick hair, with heavy and dense undercoats. Sadie is a German Shepard/ Golden Retriever and more, the Ace is a Papillon. Sadie and Ace used to have silky, shiny coats. Somewhere along the years they changed their texture from silky soft hair to thick fur.

Sadie and Ace are never to excited to go through the process of a haircut; however, they love the results after. When it’s starting to itch it needs to go.

Before Haircut

Pretty relaxed and happy.



After Haircut

Wow, look at that change of attitude. Here they are with their summer hair cut and feeling all naked and embarrassed. They are really pretty energetic and feeling all cool and stuff, just not for this pic. It’s like when you tell your kids to smile for a great photo and they look like it’s painful to smile. Well, Sadie and Ace did not even try to appear excited.



They are not really mad, they just don’t like to look at the camera. Camera shy or embarrassed? Or could it be that they are mad at me? It’s more like “If looks could kill!”