Father and Son Duo Lip Syncing to Taylor Swift

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Wouldn’t it be cool if every dad was a little more like this one? This father and son duo sure look like a ton of fun. You can see they have a great connection. You have to watch this Father and Son Duo Lip Syncing to Taylor Swift video all the way. Wouldn’t this be a great memory to have down the road, especially for us who lost our dad’s and no longer have the opportunity to create those memories?

Can you imagine you and your dad going down on a Roadtrip and jamming away to songs. Not to speak of recording and posting it. You think your dad would be up to the challenge and go public, especially singing to a Taylor Swift Song 🙂

This Father and Son Duo is incredibly fun to watch. They are having fun on the road lip syncing to Taylor Swift’ song and they both seem to really enjoy each others company. Try it with your dad or mom next time you are on the road 🙂

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