Epic Jumping Jacks Training Fail

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This is an Epic Jumping Jacks Training Fail. This is believed to be an Iraqi Army being trained by American Marines. Even the Best of our Best have a hard time with this one. Who knew it was this hard. This looks more like a scene out of a comedy.

You have to replay and watch each of these guys trying really hard to get his down. The third one from the right cracked me up. He can’t coordinate his arms and legs for the life of him. He can’t even coordinate his arms. You’ll crack up for minutes on end watching each of these guys in replay. We are not even talking about being synchronized. That may never be in their stars. Jumping Jacks seems as foreign to them as the English Instructions probably are.

So that would explain this. If you don’t understand what you are told you can only try you best. Let’s give these guy some credit for trying it the Marines way.