Epic Golden Retriever Agility Race Frenzy

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Golden Retrievers are one of the most loved dog breeds of all times. Goldens are like big fluffy teddy bears. They love to cuddle and they are super soft and fluffy. Super friendly and calm around children, they are much preferred family dogs.

Golden Retrievers are super smart. The are easily trained and are very obedient. They love their humans friends and make great playmates for the kids. As puppies they are quite lively.

Since Goldens are very smart and love to play, they are often trained for various competitions such as Agility. Watch this Golden Retriever in this clip. He’s off to a good start, but not for long. The point of this competition seems to be to run through this course and not get distracted by all the fun and yummy stuff on the side.

Well, tell this to a Golden Retriever in training. Watch and you’ll have to crack up at his way of completing this course. Is he really the loser in this. I think NOT 🙂

Watch this epic Golden Retriever Agility Race Frenzy.