Drugged Up Kid After Wisdom Teeth Removal

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I bet he will appreciate his parents capturing this special moment forever, and making it public? As a parent, you never want to miss those special moments. They may only come once in a lifetime. As with Wisdom Teeth. You only got a limited number of teeth and opportunities and when these teeth got to go you better be ready with your cam.

This kid may have gotten a little too much of the happy drug when he got his wisdom teeth removed. He is having a great time on the ride home. Loopy, obnoxious and completely not in control, do you think his hair will stand up when he sees this?

Better get ready with your cameras parents! Watch out for special moments to capture and remember forever like with this Drugged Up Kid After Wisdom Teeth Removal. Always a good tool on hand when you unruly teen want’s to give you trouble. When you encounter a snarky attitude from your once so sweet child, threaten to show the world what he/she is all about. Do you think it’ll tame them back to reality. Just saying 🙂