Dogs Hate Their Baths

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Let’s start at the beginning to understand why this is necessary. Here is what my dogs and many other dogs do. They dig up the yard, chase squirrels and eat small animals. Oh, and they also like to rub and roll on yucky and smelly stuff. And when they are done they like to come inside, lay on your rug, furniture and sometimes rub on you to show love. The home ends up with a lovely smell from your best friend. So here is the solution.

A doggy bath. Yeah, a couple of my dogs don’t agree, the other two understand that that’s the requirement to live inside the house. My rule, don’t stink or get dirty or take a bath.
2 of my dogs love the water and jump into anything that look like a wet spot which is not always helpful either. My other two think it’s the worse thing ever to get a bath. .

Well, here are a few dogs who don’t agree with the cleanliness rule of the household either. Watch these dogs hate their baths.