Dog Hates Bath – Loves Walks

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This cute dog apparently understands what fun it. Let’s examine what dogs think. Baths – not so fun. Walks – a lot of fun. A walk has a lot of benefits. You get great exercise and fresh air. As a dog you may get to play with your favorite ball. If you get to go to the dog park you pal around with your friends. You get to sniff interesting smells, eat some yumm(k)y stuff you dig out, and you get to roll around in the dirt.

Now, lets compare that to a bath. You are confined to a small area. You can’t move and your owner get’s mad if you shake. The foamy stuff stinks in doggy terms and the water is only fun when you can run in it and catch stuff. Eventually your owner let’s you get out, carefully, so you don’t slip. Slowly, so you don’t get everything wet. Maybe, the only good part, you get a good rubbing down with a soft towel. Most of us don’t enjoy being blown to pieces with a hair dryer. Hint: A treat goes a long way to get us to cooperate 🙂

When our owner finally let’s go of us we have to retaliate and take off, rubbing ourselves all over the carpet, rugs, sometimes a bed or couch will do. The owner is not so excited about that, but that is my payback for making me take a bath.

Completely understandable why this Dog hates bath – loves walks.