Cute Baby Elephant Taking Bath in Small Basin

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Baby animals are funny. They have so much to explore and learn. They have to figure things out as they go like this baby. Watch as this cute baby Elephant taking bath in a small basin has to figure out how to fit his body into the small space. He is not deterred and has fun.

He is an orphaned baby elephant found in Thailand. Very sad story but a happy ending. He is obviously developing just fine and seems to enjoy his playground. Baths are very important for Elephants instinctively love to take mud baths. When no mud bath is available, water will do. After the bath they usually dust themselves of with dirt. The dried mud will protect them from insects bites.

This little guy may not quite know why he’s loving his bath this much and he is having a lot of fun figuring this out. Just a baby like any other, playing is an important part of learning.