Cute Baby Elephant Taking a Bath

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This Baby Elephant has the time of his life. A special tub and water is all it takes to make this baby happy.

At the Elephantstay Ayutthaya Elephant palace & Royal Kraal in Thailand, you can get first hand experience with these majestic creatures. This Foundation buys old Elephants to give them a great retirement home. Thailand has a rapid aging Elephant population and Elephants are dying at a faster rate than they are born.

The Foundations breeding program focuses on preserving these amazing Elephants. Since 2006 the Breeding Program has produced 61 Live Births. This place is home to over 90 Elephants and you can book a trip and take part in caring for these animals. What an amazing experience this must be. Check out this special bathtub for elephants. The baby puts all his weight on it and no damage.

WATCH and ENJOY one of their Youngsters taking his Bath in his special Bath Tub.

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