Busy Single Parent Michelle Obama

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We all misspeak at times but what causes this mishap. Let’s examine this phenomenon. Misspeaking often happens when the subconscious mind overrules the conscious mind right before talking, or when you mean to say something but what comes out is actually what you really think. It get’s pretty confusing.

Sometimes what you say is not what you mean or what you mean is not what you say. Other times you think you are saying one thing but you actually said something else. Surprised at what comes out of your mouth you may seem stunned, scramble to explain what you really meant or meant to say, try to take it back, but no matter which way you try, it’s out the way it came out. Are you confused enough now?

Well, let’s look at an example. The first Lady talks about her hardship. As a Busy Single Parent Michelle Obama really can relate to so many single parents. WHAAAT? I thought she was married to Obama. Did she let out a secret? Did her subconscious mind get the better of her? Maybe she just feels this way. That explains some stuff. The way they travel separately among other baffling behaviour. Yeah, makes total sense now 🙂 Check it out!