Biggest Grinder in the World Eats Everything

Worlds Biggest Grinder
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What do you do with your aging furniture and appliances? What if they are not even suited for donation anymore because they are so old, stained, torn up or outdated? The landfill is always an option, although not a good one. This stuff does not deteriorate and takes up a lot of space.

We were curious what could be done with huge stuff short of going to the landfill. And you won’t believe what we found. This looks like something out of a scary movie. The Biggest Grinder in the World Eats Everything. It eats your couch, kitchen table, fridge and even a humongous Heavy Equipment Tire.

Watch this! It is incredible how this monster of a Grinder effortlessly eats up everything that is fed to it. This is the answer to saving space on landfills.

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Watch it eating up a Hipster VW Bug, yes that’s right, a car.

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