Very Awkward Moment For Michelle Obama

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Being a First Lady in the United States is a Big Deal. Life as you know it is over when your hubby lands the biggest job in the land. The homelife you had is a thing of the past. Letting go of old habits is easier said than done, but as a First Lady you are expected to adjust to the Rules and Expectations that come with this job.

Some First Ladies love the limelight, attention and opportunity that comes with this new found career. Others have a little more difficulty to let go of old habits and want to stand their ground, particularly in matters of household habits, child raising and leisure activities.

Always under pressure of the public eye, First Ladies get the coaching needed to behave and communicate properly. Most First Ladies know their role and take it with strides, like it or not. They are, after all, the wife and second fiddle to the leader of this great Country.

Well, needless to say, some First Ladies have a little more difficulty stepping back into the 1960’s, sitting gracefully beside their man, and nodding in agreement to everything he says. Sometimes the questions asked are an opportunity to show that it is all a show for the puplic to see, but this is not how it life in the Whitehouse is behind closed doors.

Watch this Very Awkward Moment For Michelle Obama when she put in her place by Barack Obama.