Amazing Story of Survival for Two Kittens

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This story proves that there are so many great people out there, who pay attention and show compassion. Do you look around when driving along a lonely country road. If you don’t you may just change your mind after watching this Amazing Story of Survival for Two Kittens.

Only by the Grace of God and a very alert guy, were these 2 cats found. Sitting off the side of the road, on a bitter cold snowy day, was a white box. Covered by tree branches it is almost impossible to see from the road. Some divine intervention must have guided this guys eyes towards that very spot.

He discovered some very skinny, scared and cold kittens. I have to ask myself, who in the world is so cruel to throw these innocent, defenseless animals out into the Winter Freeze? Unfortunately this is not an isolated story. This great Samaritan did the right thing. He took them in and cared for them and you will love this story from front to end.

Keep you eyes open and help if you see an animal in distress or need.

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